Paisley Blue Flower 4 cup Teapot (Custom)

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  Bold and stimulating in design, the Paisley Blue appeals to the lovers of unique style. 

Teapot: 10.5 across the lid, holds 1000ml, 23.5cm wide and 15cm high

Box dimensions: 18.5cm x 18.5cm x 15cm high 600gms

This is a limited Edition, Created for retailers looking for beautiful original  pieces made to order only.  Available in Cup and saucer sets, beakers, teapots, Tankards, Side Plates, Bowls, tea drip trays and spoons.

We make up your order and fire on site so please allow at least 14 working days.

RR: 79.95  4cup teapot


  • Model: dtppaisleyblueflower