Lily Rainbow Sugar & Creamer Set

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  An abundance of Lily's in full bloom, Colour and clarity is second to none, we never comprise on quality. Makes every tea time a joy! What more could you ask for!

Fine white porcelain, available in 2 cup and saucer set, side plate set, milk and sugar set and 4 cup teapot. All pieces gift boxed.

Cup: 10cm across the rim, 13cm wide and 7cm high, holds 220mls

Saucer: 14cm wide  Sideplates: 15cm wide

Teapot: 10.5 across the lid, holds 800ml, 23.5cm wide and 15cm high

Milk Jug: 6.5cm rim, 12.5cm wide and 10.5cm high, holds 280mls

Sugar Bowl: 9cm rim, 10.5cm wide and 12cm high.

  • Model: DSC-211